I heart IKEA

You know what, I REALLY like building IKEA furniture. A change of circumstances recently means that I have furnished a two-bedroom house from scratch, and almost all of the contents have┬ácome from IKEA. The experience of building IKEA furniture has a lot in common with building a Lego set or Tamiya kit: The quality of […]

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Reflections on the Iconic Cup

Sometimes life challenges you at work. Sometimes life challenges you in your relationships. And sometimes, life challenges you in your hobbies…   I’ll start with the positives from the 2017 Iconic Cup. I was racing with a great bunch of clubmates; it was great to see so many “scale” RC cars going around the track; […]

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At last!

Finally got under 5 minutes per km over 5k! Took a long time to get here. I reached 5m30s within a couple of months of running regularly and I’m six months further down the road now. 4m 30s is my next target. I expect it to be tough.

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“Diebels Alt” shell finished

As ever, I am in complete awe of the skill of Tamiya’s craftsmen. The shell itself (originally released 25 years ago) and the extensive sticker set are all expertly done. My own painting and stickering skills are pretty poor – but aside from a couple of small mistakes, I’m pleased. It will look awesome on […]

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