Tamiya TT-01 Build Tips – Part I

Well, I was expecting to write a load of detailed tips to get the most out of a TT-01… how wrong could I be!

Just read the instructions properly and it will fall together!

A couple of hours work this evening has left me with a 90% complete car, all that needs fitting is the electronics and the upgraded shocks and steering links that I will be getting soon (decided not to fit the standard ones at all to decrease wear on the screw holes).

There are only two things I have done that are not in the instructions…

1. My kit came with two longer wheel axles – I fitted these at the rear. I think they can be used with the wide offset hex hubs that are in the kit, they are too wide for the Xsara shell though I think.

2. Some shims on the wheel axles to take out the play.

Well pleased so far!

TT-01 almost done already!

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