At last! Kyosho to release a thoroughbred Stallion!

This is the car that Kyosho SHOULD have released a year ago!

TF-5 Stallion “Shin”

Due for release in July 2007 is the TF-5 Stallion Shin – “Shin” refers to Shinnosuke Adachi, Kyosho’s star turn in electric racing. It looks like this car has a few developments – from what I can make out this includes a new, narrower chassis with optimised weight distribution, shorter rear arms and refined steering geometry.

More to the point it actually includes all the alloy and carbon that people expect of a top of the range car, quite why Kyosho released the first version Stallion with so many plastic parts is beyond me, it just made the car look cheap compared to the prototypes (and the Stallion was NOT cheap on initial release).

Also the new rear suspension must reflect the testing Adachi-san has been doing with HPI/HB rear arms at recent events.

Should be a good car – and if Kyosho get the price right (needs to be under £350 UK retail, ideally under £300) it deserves to be a common sight at the tracks.


3 thoughts on “At last! Kyosho to release a thoroughbred Stallion!

  1. About time I have been strugling with the original since june trying to get a good balanced set up,dont get me wrong but i love the ease of adjustability and maintainance with the product but it has a fundimental problem and i dont know enough to point a finger at it!…I hope the Shin edition works…where and when can i get one

  2. The Shin edition car is now out in Japan. Haven’t seen it in the UK but then again I haven’t been looking either.

  3. Sosidge Thanks for your reply.I havnt searched to hard either,but should you hear any thing through the grape vine i would appreciate a note, as you said the car deserves a showing and it would be nice to see somthing else in the pits other than the norm Les

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