These are a few of my favourite things…

…from the Shizuoka hobby show, which opened today.


Mmmmm yummy! New TA05MS top-line tourer from Tamiya. Read on…


Ah-ha! This picture seems to prove that the TA05MS has the motor in a different position to the TA05. Looks like the centreline of the motor is midway between a 415 and a normal ’05. So the MS is not a TA05 – AT ALL! Time will tell whether it is the replacement for the 415 or just another platform to experiment with.


Hop-up aluminium bulkhead for the TA05. Any point putting it on a plastic chassis car? Not in my opinion.


TA05-IFS (Inboard Front Suspension). Looks cool but it’s only to lower the front end for the Japan GT body. I doubt very much whether it will be faster than a conventional shock car, I’m sure a few people will try it out though.


The Rough Rider returns. Only on a micro Tamtech Gear Chassis though. New name of GB-02 because of the trailing arm front suspension. The whole SRB thing passed me by, they were released before my time, so not really bothered about a re-release of the original.


Close up of the GB-02 front suspension.


Now this is more like my kind of thing. One of my buggies as a youth was the Avante 2001. Yes, I know it was a mid-range plastic version of the Avante, not very interesting to collectors, but it went a lot better than the original since it was more like an Egress. This is the Avante Mk.II on a DF-03 chassis, a lot of people have been dissing it but to me it looks LUSH! I quite fancy picking one up and seeing what a few sensible hop-ups can turn it into.


Now a little earlier – – I speculated whether the Hotshot re-release would be on a modified DF-03 chassis. Turns out I was wrong and it is pretty faithful to the original. Back in the 80’s I had a Super Sabre which was based on it. Even at the age of 12 I could tell it wasn’t a brilliant racing machine…


Last shot – the new hop-up wing for the DF-03. That’s one big mutha! The DF-03 looks very trick with all the blue bits on too, eh?


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