Winning CWIC setup for the Xevo Triumph

Here is the setup used on my Xevo Triumph at the weekend to TQ and win a round of the Chippenham Winter Indoor Championship in Mini Class…



4 thoughts on “Winning CWIC setup for the Xevo Triumph

  1. hello, very good story on the triumph and helpful for mounting photos, as well as clarifications of the failures.
    March 13 start mini championship in Spain and I will compete in a triumph, but I have a question about the longitude of the cushions, in 60.5 and I think the car is a little high, what were your measures.
    regarding the density of the oils I will start with 30 front and back, maybe 40 seems a little hard, especially behind, but it will be a matter of taste.
    by the way where you can buy spare parts for this car, I saw that on your ebay page and there you have not you send out of England
    a greeting from Spain

    1. Hi Felix,

      Thanks for your reply. If by “longitude of the cushions” you mean shock length, then my front shocks are the standard build length for a TRF touring shock, my rear shocks are unscrewed about 1mm. I have acheived 4mm front ride height and 4.5mm rear ride height easily, the car could go even lower. This is with 55D tyres.

      I am happy with the #400 oil, but as you say, it is a matter of personal preference.

      I can send spare parts to Spain. Please email me at with your requirements.



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