Cotswold club meeting 17th April

Another lovely day at the Cotswold track today… my neck is nice and pink to prove it!

In 13.5 touring my main aim for the day was to find a good ESC setup. I use Hobbywing technology with a Much-More sticker on the side and a Speed Passion v3 motor. I’ve been unhappy with the low-end feel of both the 518_stock and 119_stock firmwares, so I decided to start afresh with the latest 211_stock.

After a long practice session I made a small breakthrough. Too much boost timing seems to bog the car down badly. Running at 36 steps with the motor on +10 mechanical timing resulted in ballistic speed throughout the rev range.

These are the settings I was using in the end (indicated by “+”). The car was as fast as anything else on the track today, although motor temps were close to the limit. Gear ratio was 7.3:1.


Unfortunately my racing was cut short by a silly driver error (watching the lapped traffic not my own car) which saw me flip into the grass at high speed and break the rear shock tower mount – again.

Mini class was a real pleasure. Although there were only three entrants this time (would love to see a full heat), I had some super-close battles with John Timberlake’s 4wd car. He had a couple of tenths per lap on me in qualifying and the first final, but in the second final I seemed to have regained a bit of top speed while John lost a little grip, and I managed to sneak ahead of him for the win. A little rubbing, but nothing unfair, and great racing. We had both knocked almost a second from our best laptimes at the first round.

I’ve made a few changes to the front of the Xevo in an attempt to keep the rear end more planted (ackermann and bump stops mainly), and they seem to have worked. The car has been super stable indoors and out for the last couple of race meetings.

Here is the setup for the tarmac track. On carpet my only changes are to the gear ratio (20T pinion), front tyres (Sweep 25 with glued sidewalls) and additive (Nosram carpet).




7 thoughts on “Cotswold club meeting 17th April

  1. Good to race against your mini again Dave, shame that John Ridding and Andy Travis weren’t their but super close racing for sure 🙂 Congrats for breaking my mini’s winning streak, look forward to a re-match :p Got the race times on my web site, overall a lot faster than last time out, 14 laps could be possible by the end of the season !

  2. Sorry I couldn’t be there on Sunday, but will defo be at next meeting! Last week I checked out the SPC gearing rule with Martin Reeder and was surprised to find in effect gearing is fixed at 5.4:1 and no lower. On the Xevo with Sweep tyres this is 20T pinion/35T spur. So Dave your 24/37 (4.83:1) is way under the SPC limit. My best time with 20/35 last Friday was 25.8 sec lap which I would think was at least 3 sec off yours on Sunday. 5.4:1 might be OK indoors or on smaller outdoor circuits, but at Cotswold it is painful on the main straight. So we might have to have a rethink on the Mini rules.

    1. Hi John, we can talk more in person but I don’t think the Cotswold club rules need to slavishly follow the SPC ones. My gear ratio is painful enough on the long straight!

  3. To attract more drivers I don’t think you need to limit the club to the SPC rules. The Chippenham Winter Indoor Championship rules (from round 2) for example allowed ratios 4.31 → 7.25

    I think the following proposed rules may suit the Mini class at Cotswolds :

  4. You are right John, which is why I was really surprised the rules for the outdoor SPC series have a such a tight gearing rule.

    I think the rules in your post look good and I will discuss with other Mini racers to get their opinion. My only reservation on having open gearing is that it might put off Tamiya Mini owners who can’t easily change their set up and we really need as many drivers as we can get in this class.

  5. Hi John,

    I’ve updated the rules pdf to match the Chippenham gearing and to tidy up a few other details too. Just incase your browser is cached the title should read ‘Kemble Mini Rules ? (version 2)’


  6. Couple of quick comments from me…

    Gearing – if you limit it, you limit it to Tamiya kit ratio (5.8:1). If you don’t, you leave it fully open.

    Tyres – for club racing, with an open gear limit, open tyres make sense. At a limited ratio, a single-diameter tyre makes sense, and I don’t think any of us have a bad thing to say about the Sweep range.

    Motors – I can’t think of a bad thing to say about the Saturn 20.

    4wd equivalency – you can’t acheive equivalency because the cars drive in a totally different way. As much as I enjoy racing against JT, I know that my car will never be a true match for his, whereas the other front-wheel drive cars are. I’m slightly wary of including 4wd equivalency in the rules, when really it’s just a fun class where any car should be allowed to run as long as it is not run with the intention of getting an unfair advantage.

    Bodies – I’d like to see scale shells on the FWD cars.

    Main aim is inclusion, I’d rather see a full grid of close racing than a long list of rules that would exclude entrants and require scrutineering.


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