Xevo “Triumphs” at Super Production Cup

Congratulations to Xevo Triumph driver John Ridding who emerged victorious at the fourth round of the SPC at Broxtowe. He sent us this report…

“Thought you might like to know I top qualified and won both finals at the Broxtowe round of the Super Production Cup .

I was chased hard by Andy Travis with his rapid M05 and another Chippenham Club racer, Adrian Parkes, with a similar fully hopped up M05. However, my car was on rails, probably the best it has ever been and I was able to place it anywhere I wanted on the track with absolute confidence. In fact one of those days when it was a real joy to drive.

If Andy had won both rounds he would have taken the championship. However, there are now three rounds left at Colchester, Cotswold and Moto Arena. If I win both finals at each of these last three meetings than I can beat Andy to the title. Probably not on, but you never know. . . .”

For more information on the series visit www.superproductioncup.co.uk

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