Night racing at CMCC

As the summer outdoors season comes to an end, we’ve had the floodlights out at Chippenham (…

Buggies under floodlightsThe flash of white to the left of the picture is the rear wing of Stephen Fabray’s vintage Optima Mid… still challenging for honours after all these years (driver and car alike!).

Buggies at CMCCOne of those dark spots in the middle of the track is Dean Jennings’ car, and I think Adie Parkes car is in there somewhere too (try squinting and holding your thumb up to the screen). Dean was running a cheap Haiboxing car which actually goes round the track pretty well (taking 4wd TQ I think), Adie was running one of the club cars, a Kyosho Lazer Readyset. It goes to show that you don’t need the most expensive or up-to-date equipment to enjoy RC racing.

More buggy racingYou can see the white flash of Stephen’s car a bit more clearly in this shot.

OK, I admit it, the pics are rotten (taken with a phone), but the racing has been good.

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