BRCA Clubmans – WLRC – 7th April 2013

I was this close to a trophy – and I messed it up with some hopeless driving…

The day had it’s ups and downs. I felt a bit off the pace during the day (never sure whether it is me or something to do with the car), but I managed to put together a solid run in the final round of qualifying that lined my up second in the B-final from a field of 60 blinky racers – and a very close field at that, I was about 2 seconds off a spot in the middle of the A-final, and the whole of the B-final was covered by about 4 seconds. First final went well, smooth run to second, neither threatening the leader not being threatened from behind. Second final was developing in much the same way, until the leader made a mistake and I slipped through into the lead after the first hairpin. A brief lead, sadly, because I immediately clipped a track marking and slipped back a few places. This started a rapid decline in driving skill which ended up with me putting the car on the roof, and I finished 9th and well out of the running for a pot.

Oh well. At least the weather was good. Hoping for more of the same (weather, that is) at the BTCC at Cotswold in 2 weeks time.


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