Wall of Champions (1), Me (Nil)


Cotswold’s “Wall of Champions” added me to its list of victims today (not that I am the champion of anything particularly impressive). Just a case of two trying to fit where only one will go and both cars ending up in the heavy wooden sleepers. Result – a broken rear hub, my first breakage on the car in about 9 months of ownership.

It was “one of those days”, all in all. Last week the car had been superb, this week I rebuilt it with the flex chassis and the full-size LiPo and it wasn’t even driveable to start with. After a few changes, this is what I learnt…

– My new bottle of Nosram Carpet additive doesn’t seem to work on asphalt like the old one did (I wonder if the formula has changed because the LRP version claims to be “greener” now).

– You can only get so much out of old mix-and-match tyres. A change to a newer set solved all the cars handling problems.

– I can never get high enough operating temperatures out of Sorex 32s at Cotswold, so I dug out some LRP VTEC 27Rs that I had bought for an indoor series about 6 years ago. A thorough clean and dope and they worked really well in the finals.

– The full-size LiPo still fades after the first minute’s racing, and still gets a bit warm. Even though the car was 80gms heavier, my fastest laps were about the same as what I have managed with the shorty although my 5-minute runs were a bit untidy and slower. My engineer’s mind says that lighter is better so I’ll switch back again.

– I’m still not happy with the brakes on my car. I just don’t have confidence that the Hobbywing ESC will do the big stops when you want it to. The four-year old motor probably doesn’t help, I doubt the rotor is giving all the Gausses it could any more.

Thinking of going back to 17.5 Blinky again for the next club meeting. It’s slow, but so close and great racing to watch.


PS I just ordered my spare parts from the USA. Crazy that it costs me $2.09 in postage to get them sent half way around the world when the Royal Mail now want £3 to send them to the next street!


5 thoughts on “Wall of Champions (1), Me (Nil)

  1. Hi
    I am looking to dust off the touring car for the HPI challenge at Cotswolds.
    Can you give an indication of the sort of gearing I should be going for in 17.5 blinky?

  2. Hi Dave, Good Blog, just been reading through your posts on the ARC.. Thinking of getting one myself.. Where abouts in the states you been getting your parts?


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