Return of the Intel QX3 microscope…

It’s been a few years, but my daughter is losing her teeth and is very keen to look at them in close up. Although it has to be said that the only close-up views she has had this evening are of an increasingly frustrated father!

Lessons from the day…

1. The QX3 drivers don’t work on 64-bit machines – so my new Windows 8 laptop is no good.

2. Returning to the old 32-bit Vista laptop, I just couldn’t get everything to run at the same time. After multiple attempts, I finally got the software to install by running the installer (QX3Plus.exe, currently available at download.cnet) as an administrator in XP SP2 compatibility mode, and then running the actual program as an administrator in Windows 98/Me compatibility mode. It won’t install under 98 due to DirectX issues, and won’t run under XP!

3. The drivers from the installer file seem to work, no need to seek anything separate out.

This is actually a slightly different method to the one in my original post from a few years ago, I suppose that the final few updates to Vista made a few changes, or it might just be “one of those things”. Vista, of course, is not officially supported any more.


4 thoughts on “Return of the Intel QX3 microscope…

  1. Hi there! This was a really helpful article – thank you! Unfortunatly I´still can´t run the X3 because I don´t have the USB drivers 😦 Any idea, where I can download those ? (of course I don´t have the cd rom anymore…) Thanks for your time – cheers, Bernd

    1. Have you looked at my earlier blog post about the qx3? That had a link to a few downloads. I haven’t used the qx3 for a long time now, in fact I no longer have my vista PC either so I should probably sell the microscope to somebody be who could actually use it!

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