Today’s CWIC

Decent result at the CWIC today, perhaps my best of the series, and a better day with the TRF418.

Ended up qualifying 6th but was a lot closer to the front of the pack, in fact I had a shot a TQ in the last round but made a couple of mistakes with an empty track around me. Finals ended as a 6th and a 4t which was about right, I was pressing for 5th in the first one and defending from 5th in the second but didn’t have the extra something that the top few had today.

Before the meeting I had rebuilt the rear diff with the red Tamiya o-rings. These seem to have a much better seal, but also add a little more friction. The car was a real handful in the first round, a few tweaks to the steering rates improved matters, but the car was still sliding the back around in the second round so I went down to #1000 oil in the rear diff which was a big improvement. #2000 was good with the black rings but too thick for the red.

The first round also resulted in both spool blades breaking, there was no way I could cope with this many failures (averaging more than one every other race), so I begged a fellow racer to let me buy his spare set of Roche blade-free outdrives and these performed faultlessly throughout the day. I’m pretty sure I have a reliable platform for carpet racing now, I just need to focus on the driving.

I made a couple of setup tweaks during the day, fitting a slightly softer rear spring and standing the shocks up. The car was feeling better as the day progressed and attracted plenty of compliments but I suspect the improving track conditions were a significant factor. We’ll see how it goes at the next round.

Final comment is on the Protoform shell. I’ve been running Blitz shells for the last couple of seasons and I have to say that Protoform’s material is much more fragile, the front of the shell is covered in tiny cracks after only two race meetings.


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