CWIC 23/2/14 – Blinky

I’ve been struggling with a lively rear end on the TRF418, this makes it quick when the conditions are right but tricky when they are not. I experienced both traits today.

The car was tricky in the first two rounds (and there was a lot of contact as racers got used to the difficult track), but in the third I got a clean run and ended up third. I added droop for the fourth round and the car was terrible with far too much steering, and a partial return to the round 3 settings in the first final (for which I qualified 5th) wasn’t a success (finishing 7th). Widening the front end, reducing the steering lock and making the expo milder helped to make the car more driveable in the second final, and a tidy start combined with others’ mistakes allowed me to finish 2nd after a really good late race battle. The slim hope of stealing a victory this season lives on!

I’m debating picking up a few of the common tuning parts to try a wider variety of settings on the car to make the tail less happy. Although outdoor season starts soon which has a completely different style of track and surface.

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