CWIC 23/2/14 – Mini

I chose to challenge myself today and see if I still had the pace to compete in Mini a couple of seasons after my championship win. Within half-an-hour I remembered why I don’t like running two classes in a day – too much rushing around. Not only do you forget to charge batteries, you also forget to race!

The track was very twisty – a layout that I didn’t like earlier in the season which was even trickier anti-clockwise with a particularly nasty right-handed kink that led immediately into a left-right chicane.

I knew before I started that they newly rebuilt diff was too loose, and this was demonstrated by the handling in the first round. Although I finished second the car was diffing-out through the fast sweeper and hooking into the corner at the end of the straight.

For the second round I exchanged the #5,000 oil for #100,000. The car was much better in and out of the corners but the trade-off, as ever, was straight line stability. The car was just about driveable though, and I TQ’d the second round and just missed TQ in the third.

The Blitz Mini Jazz shell is quite tall and the rest of the top drivers were using the Mini GTI so I followed suit. Round 4 was littered with mistake so couldn’t take advantage of any advantage the lower shell may have offered and would line up third on the grid.

The first final started well and I was second after a couple of corners. I kept the pressure on the leader and waited for a mistake which came quite early, although I rolled off the track towards the end and was lucky to have built up enough of a lead to stay in front until the end.

For the second final I went up to #450 oil in the front and down to the Yellow spring in the ear. This may have helped to make the car a bit more stable and I ran a similar final to the previous one, moving up to second through the first corner and pressing the leader until an opportunity to pass presented itself. This time I kept the car on the track and took the win.

So it seems that the M05 still performs well, I’d probably try #30,000 in the front diff next time, but I won’t be running Mini again at this CWIC- too much stress!

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