Inside a Casio WV-200U…

This is my watch. Supposedly waterproof to 200m. Didn’t survive a week in the swimming pool on holiday though – but that might be because I changed the battery myself and the seal may not have been as good as it was when it came out of the factory.

Casio WV-200U

I can’t really say much about the internals, but as you can see the circuit board is separate from the screen; there is a rubber seal that goes around the back; and although the screen guard is removable, the watch face itself seems to be glued in place and can’t be removed (easily). I was also intrigued to find that the beeps are made by vibrating the metal back of the case – you can’t hear them when the watch is apart.

The good news is that after a couple attempts at drying it out (in the end, I used a hot air gun on a low setting), the watch works again, although I think the battery suffered as it doesn’t like to illuminate very often. I’ve had a fair few troubles with the battery in this watch so it is no great surprise that it is being temperamental again!

Perhaps this photo will be of use to someone?



2 thoughts on “Inside a Casio WV-200U…

  1. Not familiar with this watch, but the rubber gasket needs to be coated on both sides with silicon grease before it is set in the groove on the rear of the case, there are also rubber O rings on each of the push buttons in the case, you’ll have to remove the buttons to get to them, usually held in with a small E clip.
    There are varying qualities of battery, See if you can get a genuine Seiko one, it looks like a CR1612 or CR1620. Handle them as little as possible when replacing them.

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