T4 Transforming Solar Robot

A fun little project this, that has happily wasted an hour this afternoon.


The kit is very nicely moulded and the instructions are very clear. Tamiya themselves would be proud. To say it is “transforming” is a bit misleading – there are actually four different models that can be built from the parts, you can’t transform from one thing to another like Optimus Prime.


Me and my son went for the Rhino Beetle model. He cut out about four pieces before he got distracted, I had to do the rest. It helps that I have a very good pair of Tamiya flush cutters as there are lots of parts to be cut from the sprue and you need to be precise.


The solar panel attaches to a tiny motor that drives a gearbox with a lot of reduction. It works, as you can see from the video – but it would need a lot of direct sunlight to run. The instructions suggest that it will run under a 50w halogen bulb, and it does – when it is a few inches away from it!

Roll on the British summer so I can give it a proper test run in the garden…


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