More FM related fun!

Quite an eventful game for Adebayor!

6 goals AND a red card - nuff respec'
6 goals AND a red card - nuff respec'

Won the Champions League!

I know it is pretty easy to do this in FM with Arsenal because it is a very good side with loadsamoney – but it still feels good.

This was one of the very few games in the season where I actually had fewer shots than the opposition – but after scoring two first-half goals Real were always chasing the game and I kept them at bay.

2-0 to the Arsenal!
2-0 to the Arsenal!

Fed up with 4-2-4 in Football Manager ’08? Use this tactic…

Now you may have noticed that I have not been posting very often on this blog recently…

I’ll let you in on one of the reasons – for the last three months I have been mostly playing Football Manager ’08 on the lappie.

And I have now cracked the tactical system. Let me tell you that the game is a hell of a lot less fun once you have. So – and this is a bit of honest advice – don’t use the tactic I am about to post if you want to keep enjoying the game.

I have nicknamed my system TacTicTacToe.

One of the most frustrating things for new (and experienced) players is the computer teams use of the 4-2-4 tactic late in the game to steal a draw or even a late winner.

A couple of warnings though. First, this is not 100% guaranteed to stop you conceding goals to the 4-2-4. Better sides could still score. Weaker sides should not. Second, you need to switch to it IMMEDIATELY once the AI switches to 4-2-4. Watch the formation screens throughout the match.

You are quite welcome to tweak the player and team instructions to your hearts desire (I believe they make little or no difference) however do not change the starting positions or add movement arrows.

TacTicTacToe 424 Vaccine – use as described