Done! My first plastic kit in ages!

I used to build quite a lot of plastic kits – pretty much exclusively Tamiya. But at the age of 11 I got my first proper RC car and plastic kits fell by the wayside. I do remember the sheet of hardboard that I had to build them on, and the “diorama” I once made of a Jeep that had crashed into a lamp-post to make up for the fact that the bonnet of the kit was a bad moulding.

I tried to build a kit again about 10 years ago, but I didn’t have as much free time as I thought and RC got in the way again.

Finally, after a gap of 30-odd years, I have finally completed another kit. The kit itself was only about £15 – but the paints and accessories ended up costing several times more than that!

I had a few self-inflicted problems with the front mudguard which needed painting three times in total. There are a couple of other little mistakes, but overall I am pretty happy with the outcome.  It’s the Tamiya Honda CB750F kit it you hadn’t worked that out already.

The quality of the kit is amazing considering it was originally released over 35 years ago. One of the nice features of a bike is that lots of the components are visible. This is also one of the challenges!

Next kit has four wheels… just need to choose the colour scheme…