BTCC Mendip

It was forecast to rain – and it did. I don’t run in the wet, so I was just hoping for a few decent runs before the rain came. It was the end of the series, and it had a kind of “end of term” feel to it, there was a much smaller turnout than […]

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Schumacher BTCC Aldershot

I’ll carry on with the routine of a brief (personal) race report… I can’t say I was feeling particularly focussed on the racing, 4.15 alarm may not have helped, and we’d had a nice day celebrating Natasha’s birthday the day before. I made driving errors in every race of the day which cost be 2nd […]

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The Scythe returns…

Put some electrics in the scythe again after almost a year on the shelf, ran it in the finals after problems ruined qualifying with the ARC (motor overheating and stopping the lrp esc, solution was to turn the protection off). First run in blinky (55t spur!), car drove sweet-as and went from 10th to 3rd […]

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BTCC Cotswolds 21/4/13

First race of the series, and a good result by my standards. I decided to enter boosted rather than blinky, simply because the boosted entry in the BTCC (effectively the national warm-up) is much stronger. I’d rather race in a field of 70 than a field of 10. I also think that 17.5 blinky is […]

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