“Scale” racing revisited

Some of the best racing I have done has been with “scale” RC cars, and in particular with the Tamiya Mini. Unfortunately, the opportunities to do this can be pretty limited. My local club (Bristol Model Car Club) usually has a heat of Minis, but a lot of clubs don’t, and it is rare to […]

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CWIC 23/2/14 – Blinky

I’ve been struggling with a lively rear end on the TRF418, this makes it quick when the conditions are right but tricky when they are not. I experienced both traits today. The car was tricky in the first two rounds (and there was a lot of contact as racers got used to the difficult track), […]

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CWIC 23/2/14 – Mini

I chose to challenge myself today and see if I still had the pace to compete in Mini a couple of seasons after my championship win. Within half-an-hour I remembered why I don’t like running two classes in a day – too much rushing around. Not only do you forget to charge batteries, you also […]

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Today’s CWIC

Decent result at the CWIC today, perhaps my best of the series, and a better day with the TRF418. Ended up qualifying 6th but was a lot closer to the front of the pack, in fact I had a shot a TQ in the last round but made a couple of mistakes with an empty […]

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