A few additions to the M-05

I've had my M-05 for coming up to 5 years now, and I have to say that it is still my go-to car for fun racing on small tracks. Unfortunately I don't race as much as I once did and the Mini scene is having a bit of a lull locally so the car doesn't … Continue reading A few additions to the M-05

M-05 Ver.II Hop-Up instructions

Tamiya are good enough to include instruction sheets with each of the M-05 Ver.II Hop-Ups. I've scanned them below. Take note of the large number of greyed out parts that are not included - I plan to go through the implications of that in a future post. 54605 M-05 Ver.II A Parts (chassis) 54606 M-05 … Continue reading M-05 Ver.II Hop-Up instructions