M-05 Ver.II Hop-Up instructions

Tamiya are good enough to include instruction sheets with each of the M-05 Ver.II Hop-Ups. I’ve scanned them below. Take note of the large number of greyed out parts that are not included – I plan to go through the implications of that in a future post. 54605 M-05 Ver.II A Parts (chassis) 54606 M-05 […]

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CWIC 23/2/14 – Mini

I chose to challenge myself today and see if I still had the pace to compete in Mini a couple of seasons after my championship win. Within half-an-hour I remembered why I don’t like running two classes in a day – too much rushing around. Not only do you forget to charge batteries, you also […]

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Blitz Mini Jazz

Just prepared a Blitz Mini Jazz shell in my “new” colours for my M05 which I have recommissioned for racing. Compared to the popular Blitz Mini GTI shell it is a little bit taller and the screen is further forward and more steeply raked. We’ll have to see what difference it makes to the handling. […]

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