Tamiya TA05-R static problems – Part II

Here is my interpretation of the KO static fix mentioned earlier. I hope you can make it out. Basically I have fitted cone washers upside down in the countersunk holes, with round head screws through them to grip the wire. The wire is some thin black bell wire from Maplin (bought a long time ago), which … Continue reading Tamiya TA05-R static problems – Part II

Tamiya TA05-R static problems

Tamiya recently released a statement about static electricity building up in the TA05-R chassis, and potentially causing problems with your metal-geared servo - full statement here. This is something I had never, ever heard of happening with another car, but I do think I have experienced the phenomenon myself. Mid-race the servo "lost" it's neutral position … Continue reading Tamiya TA05-R static problems