B4 setup for Chippenham

While I’m here I’ll upload my base setup from the outdoor season. The Chippenham track started out grassy with some large bumps, as the season progressed the grass became very worn in places and the bumps became enormous. This setup is good in all but the very bumpiest and slipperiest sections. b4_setup_chippenham_2011 Sorry about the […]

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Night racing at CMCC

As the summer outdoors season comes to an end, we’ve had the floodlights out at Chippenham (www.cmcc.org.uk)… The flash of white to the left of the picture is the rear wing of Stephen Fabray’s vintage Optima Mid… still challenging for honours after all these years (driver and car alike!). One of those dark spots in […]

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WRCA Caldicot – 24th July

Just come back from another top day out with the buggy at the Caldicot round of the WRCA. The club laid out a tight and twisty grass track which, despite the lack of jumps, was quite a challenge to lap consistently, especially as the grass rutted towards the end of the day and revealed some […]

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