TOP Scyton – first test

I’m pleased :). Hard to give solid feedback because this isn’t a back to back test. But initial impressions are that the small changes in suspension geometry have given the car a LOT more rear grip. Normally at the Chippenham club track I would be running 85% steering lock on the Scythe and feeling as […]

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First Photon setups…

Not 100% happy with these but may be of use to others… These are what I developed at the Carpet Thrashnal on the 15th November. They were good enough to qualify 5th in 13.5, and finish 5th and 2nd in the finals. There is definitely a lot more to come. The initial setup is what […]

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TOP Photon – the build

I’m now running the latest car from the TOP stable, the Photon. In time-honoured fashion I will run through the build with a few badly-lit pics and tips that you may or may not find useful. Overall impressions Building the Asphalt Rubber Pro version of the car, I was very impressed by the quality of […]

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