The Scythe returns…

Put some electrics in the scythe again after almost a year on the shelf, ran it in the finals after problems ruined qualifying with the ARC (motor overheating and stopping the lrp esc, solution was to turn the protection off). First run in blinky (55t spur!), car drove sweet-as and went from 10th to 3rd […]

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Post-soaking rebuild

A belated update on my post-WLRC maintenance… I put the car on the workbench just two days after the race meeting, and already the bearings were completely knackered, and every metal part had surface corrosion on it. A complete stripdown was essential, with liberal doses of WD40 clearing the corrosion of the parts. The bearings […]

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Another Cotswold practice…

…and sometimes I wonder why I bother.  I set off with the intention of answering some questions, and came back with even more! Sensor issues didn’t flare up after I put the Speed Passion V3 motor timing back to the middle of the slot. Car’s pace still felt OK, balance was OK with a shade […]

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Practising again…

Today’s practice session reminded me of one thing. Tyres. If the tyre prep is wrong the car won’t perform. I was happy with the ESC and motor setup I got last week. This week’s target was to get the chassis working. The weather at Cotswold was a little cooler today (around 10C ambient when I […]

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