Carnage at Caldicot…

Well, turns out I do need to make a parts order – albeit not the one I expected…


Managed to get across the the Caldicot club tonight – Friendly folks and an enjoyable track , which the Yokomo handled well from the start.

Unfortunately, the big crossover jump caused me a problem in the second round – the car went full-throttle-crazy after landing mid-race and crashed into the wall. This was bad enough… but then the marshal mistakenly put the car back down on the track! It charged flat-out the wrong way across the crossover, took some massive air and cartwheeled at frenzied speed into a pit table, knocking it down. Very spectacular – and miraculously the car itself was unharmed, apart from a tell-tale bent shock mounting screw. Turns out the receiver crystal had failed from the impact of the landing.

So, with some alternative crystals, I went out for round 3. Car was going well again, grip was good even with very worn tyres, I was actually leading and enjoying a good duel with a faster driver who was making mistakes trying to catch up. Unfortunately one of these mistakes meant he caught the edge of an obstacle, and flipped over into my path. Bang.  Goodbye front shock tower.

Looking forward to getting the car fixed and going back across the Severn Bridge for some more racing!

Advance warning of a parts order…

I’ll (hopefully) be off racing for the first time in three months tonight… and I’ve decided to readjust the gearbox mesh on the B-MAX!

Took a few fine shims out to make it a bit freer, I don’t think there is any backlash to speak of… time will tell if I have ballsed it up again.

My indoor setup for the Yokomo B-MAX4

After much fine tuning (ahem) during the NE indoor regional series this is the setup I settled on for the B-MAX4. Takes the edge off the steering and adds some positivity to the traction while retaining the great ride quality.

I won’t try and sell it to you with race results as they are poor by most people’s standards but good by mine!

If you try it, please let me know what you think.