Windows Phone, this is REALLY your last chance!

My Huawei W1 must have been watching me fondle and caress the Nexus 5 in Carphone Warehouse today… because lo-and-behold it received a software update this afternoon!

The phone (on O2 by the way) is now running the latest version of WP8 (8.0.10517.150 aka¬†Update 3). In theory this solves the “Other” storage bug* and has a few other tweaks.

You had better not let me down again!

*in case you didn’t know, the “other” storage bug is the single biggest problem with Windows Phone 8 after you’ve owned one for a little while. There is a section of storage called “Other” that fills up with all sorts of junk while you use the phone – but you can’t delete it. After a little while, the phone starts throwing messages at you warning about low storage space and there is very little you can do about it apart from reset the phone, which frees up hundreds of megabytes of memory but means you lose all the saved data in your apps and games and have to go through all your personalised settings again. It’s a pain.

PS The other thing that spoils Windows phone is the lack of apps – even getting Nokia on board (and buying Nokia) hasn’t changed that situation – which is probably why MicroNokiaSoft have given up and are going to release an Android phone instead.

PPS And the thing that particularly spoils the Huawei W1 is the lack of internal memory – 4GB does not leave enough room for apps (the operating system alone takes up nearly 3GB). In fact, the remaining space is barely enough to install the OS updates, I have to delete apps and games every time.


Don’t buy a 4GB Windows Phone! In fact, you probably shouldn’t buy WP8 at all…

I’ve had a few frustrations with my budget Windows Phone (Huawei Ascend W1), but I just experienced the issue that renders the phone basically unusable.

This phone, like many other low-end models, has only 4GB internal memory. Windows Phone 8 will exclusively use internal memory for apps and system tasks – and the default setup alone uses over 3GB. Not much to play with, but I was managing to have a few useful apps and games.

Until the update came.

In order to install Update 8.0.10327.77, WP8 needs free internal memory. But it needs SO MUCH free memory that I have had to uninstall virtually all of my apps and games to complete the update. Completely undermining the principle of a smartphone.

4GB simply isn’t enough memory on these phones, Microsoft should have managed the memory better for future updates and insisted on an 8GB minimum from the hardware.

The Huawei Ascend W1 appeared to be well built, well specced and good value. But the 4GB memory renders it unfit for purpose. Windows Phone 8 looks good, it relatively easy to use, but is crippled by Microsoft’s nannying approach to file and memory management, too many weak (or non-existent) apps, and a lack of independent control over ringer volume which means you miss calls.